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5 years anniversary for International overalls day/weekend – Overalls all over all day !

November 22, 2014

Today it is 5 years ago we started to celebrate the best clothing item at all, overalls ! today I’m wearing overalls more or less all day all year around except from airports and very formal meetings,funerals etc. It has not been like this all my life. I sort of discovered the overalls in San Francisco in the summer of 2001!IMGoveralls_0004 and I still have the same overalls, enriched by another overalls loving person, Michelle Hoffee, 2012-12-14-1877 and she has also enriched her own overalls, actually her fathers, patched by old flour sacks.
Since 2001 overall has become more and more my signature, a symbol for my way of life, trying to be relaxed, not too formal and not being afraid of being dirty and jump and dance, all things I have been afraid of earlier in my life, so when I started to wear overalls it was a kind of inner revolution for me, they allowed me to relax and enjoy life! At the same time, it has not always been easy, especially not as long as I live in a city and worked at a university. It is much easier now when I’m retired and live in the countryside. Anyway in April 2007, I started this blog and slowly, but steady I found out that there are also other people around the world who share my love for overalls.One of the first guys who responded was Kelly, who is wearing overalls more or less all year like myself, one of the many overalls friends I have got through the years, not least Susan, who I discovered through her blog and in 2009, we got more and more in contact after I had been discussing overalls on this blog for a couple of years, and then decided to have this international overalls Day and later Weekend, in order to take care of people, who cannot wear overalls all day ! and we got our symbol IODsmallIODDSC01734 today on the 5th celebration of the international sister-and brotherhood of overalls lovers, I’m wearing the same overalls as I wore when I visited our San Francisco landlady Mary and I bought them in my usual thrift store in SF, Mission thrift!DSC01742DSC01745 and tomorrow I’ll tell more about my wonderful overalls friends, not least Laury, who probably are preparing this years overalls party in New Orleans, 2012-08-31-593 until then happy international overalls weekend all my dear overalls friends !

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  1. December 14, 2014 11:57 am

    We missed you and Bodil at Mahogany Oaks this November for a very special overalls celebration in Covington. We had so much fun, but wish you could have been there with us. Happy Holidays to you and Bodil-Love, Laury and Sammie Cat

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      December 15, 2014 7:53 pm

      yes, it could have been fun to be together with all of you, we went to our party, where our neighbours actually talked about wearing overalls next year, eventually borrow some of me !:) but most of them have,many of them are farmers, you know! also best wishes to you and your whole family for Holidays, we are going to Norway and celebrate Christmas with our sons and grandsons!

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