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hello, perhaps not much to tell, but anyway

April 23, 2015

IMAG8080 the other day, I went to one of our oldest buildings in our local area, the cathedral of Vestervig, originally build as a a church for a monastery, but now one of the largest village churches in Denmark, build in the roman era, around 1100 a.c. but before I came to the church, there is this small stable, build at the same time, so beautiful with the trees marked by the wind coming from the west, reminding me about all the ancient buildings we visited 2012 down in France, whole villages with ancient houses, so I’m happy that we have a few of them around here. It was foggy that day, but when I came out of the fog and came to the church, IMAG8122 I really enjoyed the old artistic sculptural image, showing two humans and two devilish creatures, IMAG8115 and the portal before entering the church IMAG8114 and see the beautiful spaceIMAG8097 before I went home with a good feeling of living in a place with a lot of history, more about that in coming posts

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