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From our ancient pilgrimage 2015 – day 1

July 8, 2015

In 2012 we walked down in the Pyrenees, in the Valley of Campan and in the Lot Valley, visiting Laury. This year, we stayed in Denmark and went on one of the northernmost routes for the pilgrims all the way back to the ancient ages, but also a route for armies and for traders with 100s of cattle slowly but steady walking on their legs, either 2 or 4.
We started in Viborg, IMAG8697 one of the oldest cities in Denmark, with cathedral, court, military fort, market and in the very old days, a bourse for stock exchange, a central place for all kinds of power in society. I forgot to take photos of all that, so you have to imagine that we are leaving one of the old bastions of power except for one of the old and very important places in Viborg, one of the old restaurants / pubs “latinerly” where we got some substantial food before starting out
IMAG8684 then we walked out on the trail
IMAG8689 and passed a church, in which there was a large embroidered canvas, telling some of the stories about the ancient pilgrimage route we were starting on. IMAG8694 very beautiful, and then we walked about 10-14 km,mostly in rain, before we came to the first very simple hostel. IMAG8703 and then we could get some food and start documenting the tour in the diary. IMAG8701 Most beds were occupied by a group of people, also starting to all the way down to the Danish-Germany border within 2 week, about 300 km. quiet ambitious I must admit now, but lets see how it went on the second day, where we started with coffee in this house with some friends, who offered the first morning coffee on the tour. IMAG8707 Stay tuned for next chapter about 2nd day.

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