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My Mullein / Verbascum Garden

July 31, 2015

IMAG0968 I have a small garden with only Mullein plants, or in Latin Verbascum and in Danish called King lights! I have always been attracted by this plant, of its pride. As the case is with all flowers, a Mullein/Verbascum is not just a Mullein/Verbascum. There are a whole family with about 360 different species ! I only have 4 of them. The big one is Verbascum densiflorum IMAG0914

IMG_20150728_204514 really royal format ! The other big one is Verbascum Thapsus IMAG0972
and then there are 2 which look a bit alike, verbascum nigrum, dark verbascum, IMAG0910 and Verbascum Chaixii, nettle-leaved mullein IMAG0918
and there are still around 356 species to get, so I have more to do ! and perhaps also a challenge to have them all in our small farmhouse garden, but a few more species would be nice.

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