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About who I am !

August 1, 2015

I have made many posts about who I am, because I consider this blog as a kind of place to tell about my life and my thoughts about life. As regular readers know, I am very glad for overalls, have almost been obsessed with overalls for many years, but after a trip to the other end of the world, all the way down to Australia, I discovered that perhaps it will be good and more reasonable not to continue to insist on wearing overalls all over! I have not worn overalls all my life. It started in 2001 in California, where I discovered that overalls gave me a physical freedom, free of belt, so I could just breathe all the way up and down. It also gave me a kind of freedom of not being all too careful not to be dirty. As a child I was very afraid of being dirty until I moved to a farm and got dirty out in the field and when I was at my grandmothers summerhouse. I still remember the freedom I felt, when I went in very worn out jeans went to a hotel restaurant with my grandmother. I think that it may be the reason why clothes mean a lot to me when it comes to how I feel. I cannot say that clothes does not matter ! It does for sure for me.
When I 25 years ago, when I was around 40, left a permanent job without having a new one! and thought a lot on life in general, what to do in life etc. I felt a freedom to wear this outfit mig på fanø002
I am wearing a leather jacket from the thrift-store and some work-pants my wife didn’t use anymore, both worn out, giving me a strange kind of freedom, but also a joy of having something on with a kind of history, with a patina. I’m sure it helped to find out what to do in life and now 25 years after, I am also free, now retired and grandfather, IMAG9017#1 and have build this “house” for my grandkids, in my most worn out overalls, my favorite pair of overalls, with a lot of patina, IMAG0974

IMAG0975 yes, I will wear them until it is impossible to keep some threads together! It gives me a lot of energy and confidence to wear them, but and that is the new thing, I must also admit that some time, another suit may be better and give me another freedom, like when I was in the opera in Sydney in Australia, IMAG0273#1 wearing my black silk jacket and new black jeans, casual elegant, giving me the freedom to just go around, being a bit updressed, actually belonging to the most dressed up part of the audience ! After having posted it on Facebook, getting comments and many likes, I thought: well, sometimes it is better to be elegant than hippie-baggy-thrifty guy, and actually it also shows a part of myself, the worn overalls do not show, my taste for opera, for being a part of the opera community, not snobbish, but just good art with elegant clothes and good food. THat leads me to another side of me, the learned scholar, which I realised I am, also in Sydney at our conference, at a reception, celebrating myself, making me very grateful and honoured, but also confident that I don’t need to make excuses for myself, especially not when I also are wearing a casual version of learned style, like this, 11742734_10152867499120683_6445350986616468765_n giving me the freedom just to say what I felt, not being afraid of being misunderstood due to some strange clothes! so all these styles are all me leading to the conclusion that I have as most people have, many sides. Some may say that I have just realised that perhaps one should not insist on one kind of clothing, but find some clothes, which suit the place you are. Right, I am still learning and hopefully will still be learning new things as long as I live. Now I will enjoy my old overalls here at the farmhouse and tomorrow continue my report from our “pilgrimage” tour and later about my trip to Australia, in other words, I am back on the blog.

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  1. September 17, 2015 10:14 am

    Came back to discover you’ve been back on and off and am enjoying catching up…as we know-overalls can be deceiving. There may be a “learned scholar” or two hiding inside of them (not together of course)! Love you-Laury

    • bibprofessor permalink*
      September 17, 2015 3:34 pm

      thanks Laury, yes, I am not good at blogging regularly 🙂 but overalls, yes they can deceive! but they are still my favorite and I also wear them at archives, but not when it is not smart to do it 🙂 but when of my younger colleagues said, when he saw me in jeans, ok now you are becoming an adult ! well, then I almost regretted not to wear overalls ALL the time 🙂 love Niels

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