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From our ancient pilgrimage 2015 : Day 2

August 2, 2015

IMAG8707#1 After a nice cup of coffee at Peter and Inga, we walked down the trail, IMAG8713 away from the old castle, where noblemen had lived, IMAG8727 and down through the inland, the moorland of Denmark, IMAG8712

IMAG8716 with a lot of history. Centuries ago, in the Medieval age and Renaissance, a lot of conflicts between small wannabe kings took place in this region. and later people tried to make a living here in the intermediary region of East and West, the big divide, where small peasants made their best to make a profitable business out of their situation, having bad soil, but also being a meeting place for people from East and West with different needs, so a good place for market places. Finally we came to our next Herberge, in Thorning,where we even got a room for ourselves thanks to a really nice group of people who also were doing this walk, more about them tomorrow IMAG8731

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