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Our pilgrimage tour 3rd day

August 4, 2015

IMAG8735#1 I ended last post with mentioning the group we met on our tour, “pilgrims” or perhaps more correct ” walkers” like us, organised in a small organisation, Nature and Mountains, really nice people, who like ourselves enjoy walking in the nature. We joined them in their pizza party at the Herberge in Thorning. Next morning we continued our walk IMAG8736#1 but before we headed on, we visited the local church IMAG8748#1 have to as a kind of pilgrims 🙂 and the graveyard, where a man, who just did his work in the fields, became famous because the local priest, who was a poet and writer, wrote a song about him as iconic for the hard working people who have lived here for centuries struggling with bad soil, a lot of wind and other challenges. IMG-20150615-WA0001#1 We also visited the local museumIMAG8741#1 before we finally went on our tour across the very special landscape, inbetween a swamp, moorland and lake, very typical for this region IMAG8830


and here we also found traces of some of the first people who came to Denmark in the Early Stone age, around 11000 years ago. You could almost feel it when you walked there. There is also a very small museum, Klosterlund Museum, IMAG8795 with a small collection of stone age tools. This whole area has also a special importance for me, since my grandfather had a farm nearby, so my mother has lived here as young, and I lived myself as young boy not far from here, in the 60ties and loved to come to here and feel the lived history in the nature, so to speak but before I become too sentimental, some photos from our important eating breaks, no walking without some good food and drink, there was even small “food shop” in the forest in a cupboard IMAG8814



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  1. September 17, 2015 10:16 am

    Looks like you and Bodil had a wonderful trip. You are some of the best “walkers” I know, and I know quite a few. I will get there one of these days. Don’t give up on me.

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    September 17, 2015 3:37 pm

    thanks, we will never give you up, we can wait, today we had my aunt at ’93 visiting us, still ready for new things to discover! so if you not coming next year, you may come in ’17 or ’18 ! 🙂

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