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what’s life about ! still a challenge even as senior !

October 13, 2015

IMAG1543 Sitting here at the computer, I often fell into existential issues, even if I should be cured somehow by being a kind of senior. Anyway, I’m still from time to time caught by the thoughts about what life is about ? what should I do ! In principle I can do almost nothing or everything! All my life I have struggled with this conflict of being outside in the field/garden and inside in the studio!Well, if so, I live probably right now as good as I can ! IMAG1536being out in the countryside in fall mode, a bit chilly, wearing my fantastic insulated overalls and cutting firewood, IMAG1534 and planting strawberry plants on our bank of earth, made by myself! IMAG1541 before I go inside and write in my dear notebooks IMAG1542 so again, as it always happen when I write in this blog, I must realise, my life is not that bad, on the contrary, ! so time for some dinner, have a nice evening ! your bibfessor

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