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Give me a break ! I got it !

November 10, 2015

IMAG1798 3 weeks ago, I went back to Tromsø to see my Norwegian colleagues as well as some of my very good American colleagues, working in music technology and I walked with my friends and then while talking and crossing a street, I miscalculated the gap between the street and the pavement and fall and hurt my pelvis! First I thought, well that will be over during the night, but in the middle of the night, I realised I had to go to the hospital and then I was scanned and they discovered a small fracture in my pelvis, so I was suddenly in a bed at the hospital for 2 days ! and then brought home here to my farmhouse with assistance in between the 3 flights and a neighbour came and brought me safe back home to my farm house. That is 3 weeks ago now and I have only been around 500 meters away from the house in all that time!! This week I’m going a bit further, when I am going to the Danish hospital for controlling that the fracture is healed and everything is ok.
Never the less, I think my life is changed fundamentally in some way after this fall. Earlier on the same day I fall, I got a refusal for a grant proposal with a lot of people involved. Since my young days, I have been organising projects, bringing a lot of different people together, trying to get different angles on things. Some have resulted in a number of things, like the study program at the University of Tromsø, some have resulted in a lab in Tromsø, some in an annual conference, but in many cases I have also struggled with a lot of conflicts and competition about power, who is going to decide, what to do etc. Many times, I have tried to create a coherent and consistent project, at least as I see it and that is not always popular. So why keep trying to make these big projects instead of just sitting down and write, do your own research, sitting in your farmhouse in your worn out baggy overalls, ripped sweater, a cup of coffee and enjoy life ! why do I struggle to choose the “butt on the chair” strategy as one put it on Facebook ? Perhaps my fall made me realise that it is time to change direction and choose “butt on the chair” strategy together with gardening, hiking and family, and leave all the big projects to younger ambitious people ? The next months will tell how much I will change, I’ll keep you updated on that !

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