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Happy New Year – new year promises

December 31, 2015

Tonight the year of 2015 will end and a new year of 2016 will start! I have now lived as retired for about 2 years and it is indeed a good life with a lot of freedom, but it has also its risks, at least in my case. All my life, all the way from kindergarten till senior-life, I have been an event-maker, a project-guy and a lot of energy or perhaps more correctly with a lot of capacity. It has been an exciting life, but it has at many points caused substantial stress and psycho-somatic illness and being almost 67, in a few days, one has to be very careful about being too stressed ! so I simply have to promise myself to reduce the number of projects in 2016 ! no matter how exciting they are. I would need to clone myself if I should be able to manage the logistics of all my current projects ! AND, that is a very important reason for reducing projects, it is necessary to reduce my indoor projects in order to enable me to come out in the garden and take of the trees, flowers and harvest the berries, the veggies etc. If I don’t come out in the garden regularly, lets say every second day, we should move into town ! so the main agenda for 2016: Back to the garden ! 🙂 Happy New Year to all IMAG9017#1

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