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Day 5:A path with light

January 5, 2016

Every day it is getting lighter as well as colder. The forecast talks about snow tomorrow. Today I was out again spreading the branches on one of  the paths we have in our small garden IMAG2465 with some beautiful “wood sculptures” and I was freezing this morning when I wore my coveralls, but not when I later wore my old insulated Carhatt overalls and Carhatt coat ! they are still number 1 ! 2014-01-01-4785

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  1. Candi Hurliman permalink
    January 5, 2016 8:41 pm

    Here in NW Oregon, we had snow on the 3rd of January, but only about an inch (3 centimeters) accumulated. It was freezing until the morning of the 4th, but it warmed up to 3.8 C by the afternoon. We are expecting temperatures to be in the 4 C range for the coming week. I think I may have lost some plants due to the cold snap but I’m excited that the days are getting ‘longer’ and I am starting to think about what plants I want to put in my built-up beds this spring. I have already received two seed catalogs in the post.
    My husband loves his Carharts as well!
    Cheers, Candi

  2. bibprofessor permalink*
    January 5, 2016 9:03 pm

    Seed catalogues are exciting reading, dreaming about Spring! I expect not much snow here either, but when my wife and I go to Tromsø next week, there will probably be much more snow, we lived there for about 20 years, pictures will follow next week, cheers to you and your husband, Niels

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