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About life and almost 400 years old roots

March 7, 2016


Tonight, it is 37 years ago since my father passed away, and I remember as if it was last night. I had just turned 30 years old and was very eager and busy at that time, and now I would have liked to have had the opportunity to talk and discuss with my father a lot of things, not least about his life, which I now learn more and more about by reading all the letters he wrote back to his parents, when he was young and trying out to be a farmer in Canada. I heard some stories, but would have loved to hear more and discuss things, but he had a hard life and did as good as he could. I think my life is not so hard as his, but I have of course also had my challenges, but I feel it as a privilege to be healthy at my age and hope I can make it many, many years  more. That leads to the big discovery, I made this weekend in my on-going genealogical studies, nothing less than breaking news in tracing my mothers ancestors.

The big forefather on my mothers side was a guy called Jacob Larsen, 1735-1819, who became the first owner of the family farm on an island not far from here. In the memoirs of my grandfather, my mothers father, he tells that his great-grandfather, this Jacob Larsen, originally came from a small hamlet, Sindrup, very close to here, about half an hour on bike from our farmhouse. IMAG3123so today I went on my bicycle and I also went to the Parish ChurchIMAG3104in which not only Jacob Larsen was baptised in 1735, but also his father Lars Mortensen, in 1673 and even his father, Morten Jensen, in 1625, who was also buried here in this cemetery in 1723, 98 years old ! If my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather could do it in the 17th century, I can do it in the 21st century ! There is a great spirit here in this areaIMAG3093 and inside the church, you also see itIMAG3108 where some of the history is shown in paintings about how the church burned down in 1742, the painting to the left, and how they rebuild it, the painting to the right and opened it again in 1743, the text in the middle, at the time where my great-great-great- grandfather was a little boy of 7. I think I have to stay here not only for good, but for having a good life together with Bodil and having family to come and enjoy the beautiful nature and good spirit.

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