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Garden therapy

June 19, 2016

Although I’m formally retired, I have not at all retired from making projects, on the contrary. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have made projects all the way from my childhood, making a magazine for the school-class, making an information center as support for writing essays in school etc. festivals, research projects etc. etc. and sometimes people have asked if I have been asked to do it and in 95 % of the cases I have to answer, no, it’s my own idea !! so doing projects is probably a thing I’ll do as long as I’m physically and intellectually able to do it. One of the challenges in project work is to wait for other to collaborate, to wait for feed back etc. etc. and to avoid to become paranoid. One cure for that is to go out in the garden and work. That makes you tired, but you also see a result of all your efforts right away, when you weed, when you carry weeds from one place to another and empty the wheel barrows.

and when you sow and you see the small plants coming up and enjoy your previous sowing result in flowers

and when you weed and discover that you young oak has survived


that kind of garden work can really help when you are ready to quit all projects and close the projects right away etc.

have a nice garden day !

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