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Another overhaul of life in overalls

September 7, 2017


In my last post, I wrote about my cataract operation and how it has changed my life very much, and today 9 months later, I’m writing about another game changing event, a small stroke this summer in July, in the first round making me unable to walk and keep the balance, but after a month I was able to walk again and keep the balance, but I have had to change my whole every day life, no more a lot of meetings and collaboration projects.

It has not been so easy to leave that way of life. Since my childhood, as a kindergarten kid, I have been ORGANIZER with a big O, making events, making organizations, making projects etc. Some of the latest examples are International overalls day, a musical center here in Denmark, organizing concerts etc. That is past. Now it is a matter of sitting down in my farmhouse and read and write, go out and cut some wood, weed a bit, make some forest garden, take a walk down to the beach, take a trip to some interesting place, and rest and enjoy life with family and friends! in other words taking it easy every single day. Otherwise, I would probably go for the big bang as a very honest speaking nurse told me a few weeks ago. I cannot walk as much as I could before. I cannot lift as much in the garden as I could before, but, but, I can do a little and that’s what counts. IMAG9013

I can cut some of the wood into pieces fit for firewood and then have a little tea and coffee party with my wife who is now the hard working partner, as she actually always have been 🙂 The great thing is that somehow we have always found a way to live together, so we both can enjoy the every day life even if it has never been a luxury life. Sometimes people have said that we have been living on a stone, but actually a stone is not that bad to live on ! here is my wife when we just had a moved a stone into our corner of our “farm”. We have made some hard choices in our life on what to give priority, and now it is to have fun in our every day life and see plants grow, and our kids and grandkids have fun, so   even with a stroke you can have a wonderful life in a small farmhouse, especially when you in an early morning discover one of your old overalls friends, Amy send a message to you and tell you that she has chosen to live full time in overalls ! decided to live as she wants to live, full time in her old comfy overalls.

My wife only wear overalls when it is really cold and insulated overalls is the thing to wear, that’s ok :), but we all share together with Amy and all our other great overalls friends, Laury, Tammy, Susan etc. a kind of determination of living a life we can enjoy and not compromise on that ! That’s what makes it so fantastic to know all of you, to feel that we are community who live a good life enjoying the small thing in life, repair of our old clothes, not least overalls 🙂 that’s all for today, I will promise to blog more now ! and hope it is ok that I borrow your name for my title of my post 🙂


A “new” life still in overalls !

December 4, 2016

img_20161202_101214 Hello to a new world. I have got eye surgery for cataract on both eyes, so I now don’t need glasses for ordinary viewing, only for reading or when the sun is too shining or as it is now right now, simply too overwhelming to catch all the impressions I get with my new lenses ! I can see extremely much more than before. Before surgery 3 and 1 week ago, I had 8 % sight on the right eye and 50 % sight on the left, so I have used extremely much energy to just have a ordinary look every second awake. Therefore it is obvious why I needed all that sleep ! Now I might be able to do a lot of things during the day without being so tired !! let’s see, I won’t promise more blog posts than before, let’s see ! One thing is sure, it will still be a life in overalls ! I was curious how they would look like with my new eyes, and they look even more cool than before ! have an overall great Sunday!

need some help, when should I let them go !

July 30, 2016


Above is me in 2009, 7 years ago, in my dark blue Pointer overalls ! and here in full size probably around 2010-11

07082011225 then in 2012 in France while we visited Laury  and I really enjoyed the broken in overalls !

then back in Denmark at the beach 2013-07-31-3409 and then this year, 2016

IMAG6150 the big question, should I let them go or should I persuade Bodil, my wife once again to make her nice sewings ??

IMAG6154 hope to get some comments !

In any case, I love these pointer brand overalls, feel like a part of myself, making me very relaxed and able to enjoy life !


about life in overalls !

July 28, 2016

IMAG5672Here I’m sitting on the new terrasse, made by myself and my wife in front or behind the shed, we also build together 6 years ago, wearing my favorite summer overalls almost dissolving into threads, but kept together thanks to the patching and sewing of my wife ! taking a break between writing and gardening, but also just enjoying our quite life here in the countryside. In my younger days, I really tried hard to make things like this in the garden, but mostly I just messed it all up. Perhaps I was too much living in my head instead of my feets ! Never mind, don’t regret, enjoy your time NOW. A few months ago, I got a confirmation that I have cataracts on both eyes and I’m gonna have new lenses around next New Year, exciting times. It also means that I cannot sit at the computer for too long with my current lenses, so I have decided to do one hour of writing and then one hour in the garden, no matter how the weather is ! (almost!:) or doing something else than sitting at the screen ! and I started today working on clearing an area  of nettles on the other side of the shed, preparing for a 3rd veranda or terrace to the West for the evening coffee at sunset !IMAG6142 lot of work to do before you end the work with eating a raspberryIMAG6144

A new patio for the Morning Sun and coffee

July 5, 2016

We have a nice patio or terrace in our garden, in between our two houses, IMAG5806 but this is best after noon, when the sun is coming from the south-western corner, so in order to have a patio where we could have some morning coffee in the sun, we had to do it behind our shed, towards the east

and we bought a lot of sand and as I did when we build the shed, I moved soil from the square and put sand in instead. Then Bodil came and made it all the same height, IMAG5463

and brought the first bricks to the patio and more …

and then came the stones around the patio

and finally it was brushed and flowers around it , great teamwork

so now we are waiting for nice weather to test it before the kids and grandkids are coming !

Garden therapy

June 19, 2016

Although I’m formally retired, I have not at all retired from making projects, on the contrary. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have made projects all the way from my childhood, making a magazine for the school-class, making an information center as support for writing essays in school etc. festivals, research projects etc. etc. and sometimes people have asked if I have been asked to do it and in 95 % of the cases I have to answer, no, it’s my own idea !! so doing projects is probably a thing I’ll do as long as I’m physically and intellectually able to do it. One of the challenges in project work is to wait for other to collaborate, to wait for feed back etc. etc. and to avoid to become paranoid. One cure for that is to go out in the garden and work. That makes you tired, but you also see a result of all your efforts right away, when you weed, when you carry weeds from one place to another and empty the wheel barrows.

and when you sow and you see the small plants coming up and enjoy your previous sowing result in flowers

and when you weed and discover that you young oak has survived


that kind of garden work can really help when you are ready to quit all projects and close the projects right away etc.

have a nice garden day !

One day I might walk to England !

May 1, 2016

fanøstrand Here is the beach of Fanø, just outside the Danish west coast, viewed towards south. We lived there 10 years from 1985-95, until we moved to Norway. It looks pretty much as it did 20 years ago, but if you turn around and look north, you see thisfanøvokser dunes growing and plants coming out and turn it into land, and an old friend told me, that some time in the future, we might walk to England instead of going by boat ! the world changes ! fascinating !