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soon turning 63, what next ?, opera director/dramatist !

December 28, 2011

Next month or in around 2 weeks from now, I turn 63, and I believe you have to think of what you are doing, not just waste your time here on earth and at the same time, do not get in panic and regret relaxing and just having fun, because what is life really about ? having a good life every day together with your family and friends ! I feel privileged to have a nice family and a lot of friends around the world, but I also need to have some kind of project, a kind of difficult thing to accomplish, not just maintain status quo, do my teaching and writing, but try out new things ! In the last 40 years I have organized things, brought people together across many kinds of borders and distances in many senses and ways. In the last 5 years I have developed a so called World opera, trying to develop a world wide opera house, creating opera for the new online worldwide community with a lot of physical people, wishing to connect their online world with their local physical community. They deserve a lot of stories told in an appropriate format, a distributed format. It requires a lot of time sitting down and make a staging in detail either of existing operas or making libretto/plot for new opera. That’s what I want to do now instead of trying to be general manager ! Somebody else must take the latter job ! We will see in near future of how it goes ! more soon !

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  1. December 28, 2011 11:45 pm


    I so understand your optimism for the future. I will become 63 in February. As much as I have tried to put some things to rest in the past few months, it has been for a reason. I do not know why I see 63 as such a turning point, but I see it as time for change.

    Rather than continue as I have for more years than I care to count, I am looking to downsize my home, possibly and probably make a major move to Florida, and to begin working on all my “delayed” art projects. It is time to get out the oils and the canvas to paint, not from what I learned in classes but from the heart.

    It is time to devote more time to creating stained glass windows, slumping glass, and designing what I see, not what others want me to see.

    In other words, I see 63 as a new beginning… creating without limitations, self-imposed or otherwise.

    I have to admit the freedom is beginning to creep into my every thought and idea. Who would have ever guessed that aging would provide freedom from all sorts of emotional and psychological constraints? After all, it is time for us to step outside the box and create as we never have before.

    Happy birthday in advance. May we all enjoy our precious years without limitations and filled with creativity, gratitude and love.


    • bibprofessor permalink*
      December 29, 2011 8:43 am

      Dear Maya, thanks a lot for everything. Yes, it is strange to discover that aging gives you freedom in a new and even better way than before, without all the attempts to become something ! but just to be ! and not bother about what other people thinks ! Bodil and I have already started own downsizing last year when we sold our house in Norway and moved into a nice 2 rooms apartment and in 2 years from now we will only have this small farmhouse in Denmark (“our Florida”), just big enough to have plenty of space when we are ourselves and just big enough to have our family for holidays ! our living room is very much a kind of workshop for our different projects, Bodil playing clarinet, knitting finger gnomes, me drawing and making plays and we plan to make puppet theatre ! Again thanks, also happy birthday in adcvance and love from Niels

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