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Back on track and trail – North Sea trail – edited

July 14, 2014

2 years ago, we walked in France, down in the Lot and Pyrenees, a fantastic trip, after having been on train 2012-09-09-1184 but we have discovered that we can actually just walk out of the door and down to the sea and follow IMAG3305IMAG3306 walk either up north or down south for days or just take a small bit of it for one day. So we just went down to our local beach and followed the trail which at some places was very narrow due to the effects of the big storms last fall, but we made it IMAG3319 We had lunch at one of the old churches from 13th century IMAG3322IMAG3325 and then down to the sea again watching the bridge going up for crossing ships IMAG3336IMAG3350 In the old days there was a ferry, but now there is only the ferry inn, where you can get solid icecreamIMAG3342 There is of course a light house to ensure the boats get free from getting too close to the coast IMAG3355_BURST002_COVER Before we went home we tested the water and it had a really nice temperature IMAG3372 And I must not forget our treasure IMAG3392 a fossile within a stone, haved asked the local geological museum how old it might be. THe conclusion on this post must be, that the adventure is waiting for you right outside your door! just need to discover it!

Thanks Heaven for all the rain !

June 28, 2014

IMAG3001 After waiting for weeks for rain, so the seeds, plants and trees could get some power to grow, it finally came last night, so now the wall is beginning to flourish IMAG2995 and the Kings Light flower, verbascum, IMAG2993 begins to act as a royal plant and the soil is much easier to dig into when it is wet and not completely dry IMAG3002, happy weekend !

Seeding the wall

June 18, 2014

Along our new border to our neighbour farmer, we have a kind of wall to protect the trees, but we also want to have a blooming wall, so today we went on seeding the wall, IMAG2745 with very fine seedsIMAG2747 and some a little bigger IMAG2749 IMAG2748IMAG2753IMAG2752 and we hope that in a month it will be a blooming wall, stay tuned !

Carving out the new meeting place !

June 17, 2014

I promised to tell more about the work of carving out a new meeting place. IMAG2688 One of the never stopping challenges in gardening is that we all the time have to weed and to cut wood and find place to trash etc, but then you are at least occupied for ever !:)IMAG2648 and in these days I’m trying to carve or dig out a place next to the shed IMAG2696IMAG2711 and I find old grid floor from the stable in our old farm house ! IMAG2699 so this wooden grid and the pallets are for sure going to be a part of the furniture in this cool out door café ! IMAG2712 but some work must be done IMAG2639 now in shortalls IMAG2714 Have a nice Tuesday

meeting points (almost) ready for summer guests

June 14, 2014

A long time I have not had any ideas for blogging stories and now I have so many, so I’ll probably be a bit more active this summer and now on to today’s topic: meeting places ! IMAG2626 This is our new meeting place in front of our new guest house, ready for having summer guests. Until we build this guest house, we have had a meeting point in the middle of the lawn, but also down at the play ground, IMAG2618 where our grandkids are making sand-cakes, IMAG1080 but we have also in front of the main house a nice place to meet IMAG2622 not used much, but perhaps the upcoming raw cool place behind the shack will be the best when I create a funky wooden bar for coffee, tea and a local brewed bearIMAG2623 ! stay tuned

more gardening in overalls

June 11, 2014

I love to travel and to write and organize with people, but I also love gardening more and more as it becomes more and more a part of my every day life. I don’t miss teaching at all, a bit strange after 40 years of teaching, but it is so much more fun to water the plants IMAG2527_BURST002_COVER and to see the small seeds turning into plants IMAG2523IMAG2526 and to try to find out what to do with worn out trees and pallets. ZOE_0263 Perhaps there will come things like this I saw at a bar in the Danish city Århus IMAG2487IMAG2489 Time will show !

Passions in and around the farmhouse

May 31, 2014

IMAG2266One may assume that living in a small farmhouse with no animals, just plants and books and a bit of music, wouldn’t be very exciting and passionate, well, it depends on which passion you have. I have many passions I must admit, but I’ll talk about 2 of my favorite passions, often mentioned here in my blog.
The first one is of course as all readers know, my overalls ! It is not just the overalls, but also very much the slow but steady and in its own way beautiful process of deterioration of the denim fabric like this IMAG2267IMAG2268IMAG2281 I feel it somehow express history and life in a very humble, subtle way almost like a painting changing all the time, until it becomes too thin and are buried! Perhaps that’s why I love to go to thrift stores, getting some clothes already started on the deterioration process.
The other passion is the garden, to see plants grow and fruits and berries start to come. I know we cannot sustain ourselves but I’m sure it helps that some of your food comes from your own garden. I think that’s why I love to follow the blogs telling about small farms and people who love to have their own veggies, fruit etc. If I was younger, I might also have had sheep, but plants are enough for me and my wife ! still enough work to do in an enjoyable way !IMAG2278 and here comes the small signs of Verbascum, pears and berries. IMAG2280IMAG2275IMAG2276


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