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After almost a month as emeritus – a bit struggling also with the wind

February 23, 2014

IMAG0046 While listening to the wind blowing outside, I’m now trying to figure out how and what to tell about the last couple of weeks, unfortunately delayed by a stupid falling off the bicycle, causing a “wounded” hand IMAG0048 could have been worse, but irritating not being able to continue the work outside IMAG0038 I must admit that it is a bit hard to get used NOT to get many emails every day, to be involved in day to day things on job etc. so I need to fill my day myself and it begins to work with writing, as good as possible with 1.5 hand, watching series on Netflix !, yes true, never done before and reading novels, also something not done for years although I have taught librarians! enjoying it a lot and of course walking, today out in the wind IMAG0116_BURST002_COVERIMAG0109down to one of our beaches and have a look IMAG0101 and as usual Bodil found a documentation of animals thousand / million years ago IMAG0095 so I’m not complaining much, only a little bit, but it disappears when I find this memory from our interrail trip to France 2 years ago2012-09-15-1450 and today we actually had Apple muffins after our windy trip, so all in all, overall emeritus life is not that bad, more soon when I have 2 hands to write with

First week of my new life as emeritus ! it IS different!

February 10, 2014

2014-01-09-4803 Hello out there. I have now survived first week as emeritus and to be honest! It is quite fantastic. It is for sure different from my life till now in many respects, and almost all for the good.
I have not become rich economically, BUT in all other respects, I’m very rich now and ready for at least 40 more years if health will accompany many years ahead.
In 3 different, but all significant and substantial ways,my very every day life has changed for me. First I’m now into individual projects, almost all based on stuff I have here in my archives in the house. If more people are involved, they are only involved in relation to a very specific project, not any more making big organisations; I’m done with that and in this way, a lot of stress has disappeared. HAPPY, HAPPY
Secondly, I’m out in my coveralls every day, no matter if it rains, snows or strong winds. I love to be out in hard weather and get into the dirt and see how our garden can become a very nice garden, contributing with food as well as beautiful surroundings for ourselves and our future guests in the almost finished guesthouse.
Thirdly, the most surprising thing is that my whole body is in better shape than ever before. I’m not crumbling any more, but has a slim, right up and down position and look almost like a young guy, well no, I know :), but I feel strong with a lot of energy, ready to make a beautiful garden and write a lot of stories about people’s struggle for life in the past, exciting for myself and perhaps for other people as well, well we will see. At least my new life looks promising and have got a splendid start.

Only 6 days left before becoming emeritus – a new life is coming !

January 25, 2014

2014-01-25-4902 Now back in the Arctic North, in Tromsø, yesterday my colleagues celebrated me with many things, especially with 2 lectures for me. One was with my Berkeley colleague, professor emeritus Michael Buckland, 2014-01-24-4896 who went up early Friday morning around 4am, in California to make a lecture for me, that was something I must say, feel very honoured about that. Later one of my local colleagues joiked for me, so it was really fantastic to experience what good friends I have and have had in the last 20-25 years up here. Although I’ll continue to come to Tromsø one week each semester, I’m about yo empty my office and that is hard to do, when you have papers, notes and books from a long life in Academia and research ! 2014-01-25-4904 but in order to be able to breathe in our farmhouse I need to throw a lot of paper away! Well, notes from my early studies 40 years, which I have never used later on, there are no reason to keep them after all ! Will keep you posted about my new life and tell you how different or the same it is going to be! one thing will be the same, the overalls !:)

local fashion news “Harboøre” tuxedo and new compost

January 17, 2014

2014-01-09-4795 In the last photo I called my new dress coveralls, but now I have learned the local name of it “Harboøre” Tuxedo/dinner dress, and what does that mean?. It means that the fishermen in the nearby fishing village are wearing these coveralls when they dine or party in the local inn as well as when they work in rough weather and storms. They are a must for folks out here and it is not a problem if they get dirty, that just mean you are a cool hard working guy, female or male, young or old ! 2014-01-17-4829 and they are just perfect enabling you to go out no matter what kind of weather it is and work on closing your old compost and starting a new one. 2014-01-17-4831 In the last post I talked about Spring, well today it snowed, 2014-01-17-4828 but in your “Harboøre” Tuxedo you don’t care which season it is!

My first coveralls! and it is Spring time, at least for now

January 9, 2014

2014-01-09-4795 Today I got my very first coveralls! I have actually never thought I would buy coveralls, but after having been here in our farmhouse on daily basis, not least during the fall, I must admit that I have been thinking it would be great to have them when the wind is blowing strongly together with a lot of rain, so you have to fight against the wind in order to walk up to town. I have decided to follow the saying: weather cannot be bad, only the clothing can be bad or wrong, so if I want to stay here I better get a pair of coveralls! I don’t know if that means I am not going to wear insulated overalls anymore. I think I might change btw overalls and coveralls and some time prefer one of the other. Today I was out testing the coveralls and I really feel comfortable in them! they are a bit too long, but otherwise perfect, not too tight and not too baggy, but I promise, I won’t make any coveralls day ! :) I’ll just enjoy wearing them 2014-01-09-4802and then I have to tell all of you, but especially you folks on the other side of the Atlantic, freezing as hell, that today I saw the first sign of Spring, snowdrops coming up,2014-01-09-4800 so be patient, Spring will also come to you. On the other side, the forecast says we will get below freezing point next week, so Spring may have a break, but it will come again! and I’ll come again, tomorrow as officially an old man, turning 65! cannot understand it! well, I still think I’m about middle age so I’m ready for a new exciting life in both overalls and coveralls, covering any kind of weather!

Happy New Year, ready for not only a new year, but a new way of life!

January 3, 2014

2013-12-31-4781 I wish you all around the world a Happy New Year. Every year is a new one, but 2014 will be a very new year for me since in 28 days from now, on February first, I’ll retire and as it gets closer and closer, I must admit it becomes a bit difficult to understand not to have an office in this building in Tromsø any more 061720122256 and not have this office view 061420122201, but instead having this view from our farmhouse 2013-12-31-4777#1 and not least to have the possibility to do nothing one day and to do different things every day, so the real challenge may be to choose what to do apart from getting up, make food, eat and have fun and talk with my wife and family ?? well since I more or less have made up my work and projects myself, no matter who I have been employed at, it might be easier for me to deal with that challenge. One option, which sounds very attractive for me right now, is to go back to my original profession, being a historian and ethnologist, and study how artists, farmers, merchants, crafts-(wo)men etc. back in 18th-19th century were creative and made music, plays, songs and inventions, and all that I can to more or less do from my own desk and combine it with going out in my insulated overalls and boots and do gardening, which I’m still trying to learn!2014-01-01-4785 Whether I’m going to be an organiser of some kind of artistic performance or overalls parties etc. etc. we will see! dare not to promise, but just say I’m happy to have found a potential less stressful project, we will see and I’ll tell you about how it goes. Have a nice weekend overall and take care, thinking of all of you in the Eastern part of the States, having really cold winter storms, hope your insulated overalls can help you !

Overall folks meeting here and there – all coming together

November 29, 2013

Laury, one of my dearest overalls friends, made a post earlier this year about her house in New Orleans and about being together in place, just like we were last year in her chatette 2012-08-31-593 and she had one of my favorite photos of her in her overall painted baggy overalls, not in Cadrieu in France, but in New Orleans, and last week, I took this photo2013-11-23-4542 of Laury in her “new” overalls I found in Mission Thrift in San Francisco, so we all were prepared for International Overalls Weekend, 20131123_154721-2 and the guests arrived and we all had a great party getting new friends in New Orleans 2013-11-23-455620131123_175030-1 so it was fantastic to have a real overalls party on the International overalls weekend, first time I have been together with other overalls dedicated people on the very day. At the same time, it looks like not many of the folks on the international overalls day group made something special out of this, this year, so perhaps, there might not be no more real celebration of the international overalls day or weekend on a special time of the year, but as my wife said, the international overalls day will become ubiquitous, all over, over all, so may be the next overalls party will be in Summer time in our new guest house on our “farm” :) 2013-11-29-4671 ! Have a nice weekend


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